( Rotastar™

The Lloyd Rotastar™ bucket has a unique screening action.  It rotates the material in a similar manner to a trommel screen, but has the benefit of rotating star discs, agitating and clawing at the material as it turns.  This is achieved by mounting star shafts on a large arc, forming the back and top of the bucket.

The impressive performance of the Rotastar™ comes from:

  • Light weight, hard wearing, flexible, self cleaning, polyurethane stars.  This means no pinch or crushing areas, resulting in low power requirement and no contamination from crushed material.  The flexible stars are gentle on fragile material such as roots, vegetation and turf.
  • Variable speed control is fitted as standard up to the RS10-20, so it is possible to adjust fragment size by changing shaft speed.  Most importantly, this allows the operator to set the shaft speed to suit conditions and excavator.
  • With different star, collar, and spacer options, it is possible to tailor the screening bucket to create a particular fraction size to suit requirements.  We can create an 8mm fine material with the correct set up.
  • Massive screening area, due to the light weight of the star segments, which results in high output and excellent cost effectiveness.
  • The rotary action of the bucket allows complete mixing of material as it is being screened, ensuring complete separation. The bucket is screening throughout its cycle, with no time wasted in stopping and reversing the shafts.
  • Replaceable side panels working against replaceable shaft end discs.  The area where the rotating star meets the fixed side panel has a unique design where we fit steel end discs.  This ensures even star wear across the shaft length and closes the gap between star and side panel, so a genuine fraction size can be maintained.
  • Quiet running
  • Rugged construction, using the best materials for long life and reliability. It has a well protected and easily removable transmission guard and a simple, reliable, chain drive.  The shafts are completely covered by the star elements, eliminating shaft wear and eventual replacement.
  • Easy maintenance.  The side profile design allows for easy shaft removal. The polyurethane stars are an inexpensive, easily replaceable part that reduces down time.
  • The shafts operate in one direction only and require a standard one way hammer circuit. This also eliminates the need for a drain line.
  • There is a skid steer and micro-loader option for the RS 4-9 screening bucket.  This is an adaptor plate that fits to the skid steer. There are quick hitch hooks that fit to RS4-9 so that the bucket can be used on a normal excavator with a conventional top bracket.  The change-over takes approx 3 minutes.
  • We can manufacture adaptor plates to suit all sizes of loader.


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