( Rotary

The unique conical drum working against the angled apron is a result of much development over the years. The drum design and quick change drum features are what makes the Lloyd Rotary screening bucket design stand out.

  • The conical drum has an aggressive action, as material is lifted during rotation it is also thrown forwards. This helps to break down and strip the material. This results in a high output and cost effective process.
  • Drum options, we offer a range of aperture sizes from a 10 x 30mm screen to 100mm. Any size and shape aperture can be supplied.
  • The quick change drum feature on the RT13-20 and RT18-25 allows drums to be changed within 5 minutes without manual handling. This enables the user to create more than one fraction size.
  • The single piece drum is a complete fabrication, there is little dead area maximising aperture area and of course output.  Another benefit of small dead area is the reduced clogging.
  • Rugged construction, using the best materials for long life and reliability.
  • Simple maintenance.
  • Variable speed control mounted on the bucket enables the operator to set the optimum drum speed easily.
  • It is possible to use the RT13-20 and RT18-25 for washing.

Technical Specification




Carrier weight

6-12 tonnes

13-20 tonnes

18-25 tonnes


Dependent on drum aperture

Dependent on drum aperture

Dependent on drum aperture

Bucket capacity

0.3 m3



Hydraulic requirement

40 litres/min

130 bar

70 litres/min

130 bar

100 litres/min

130 bar

Bucket weight




Working width




Overall width